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Bathroom Renovations

It can come as surprise to many people just how complicated the bathroom can be. It involves far more than an average house room - flooring, tiling, plumbing, waterproofing lighting and electrical, doors, windows and often full construction including removal and relocation of walls and ceilings.

Sometimes steps can be shortcut, like waterproofing that isn’t FULLY completed. This can result in problems later on. We make sure that there are no shortcuts that give you a problem in later years.


There are often underlying issues with older and pre-existing bathrooms that can’t be seen until walls come off and underlying construction is available. Examples are existing leaks & rotten timber. There was one job where we found no floor at all under the fibreglass base shower !!


We take this all into account when we are quoting to help avoid any surprise added costs.


From start to finish we organise and project manage the entire job and if needed can supply and handle delivery of all fixtures.

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